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Here's a preview. Below are portions of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing of December 7, 2017 concerning the breakup of DoD's AT&L and how the two new offices, Research & Engineering (R&E) and Acquisition & Sustainment (A&S) will speed up the process of getting innovative solutions to the services.

These are topics of interest to small businesses working with the DoD.

SBIR/STTR - Senator Shaheen
DIUx - Ellen Lord, Under Secretary of Defense AT&L

Senator Shaheen
Cybersecurity and Small Business in DoD

Senator Donnelly - Role of Defense Labs Working with Private Sector
James Geurts, Asst. Secretary Navy R&D and Acquisition

Senator Tillis - Acquisition, Requirements Reform
Improving the Speed of Innovation

Senator Warren - How will the split of AT&L Speed up
Acquisition of New Technologies